Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (Laurel) - Kyiv

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of the oldest religious buildings in Ukraine, appeared in Kievan Rus. The monastery was founded in 1051 by Anthony the monk with the permission of Grand Prince of Kiev Yaroslav the Wise. A place for the temple was given by Prince Svyatoslav II Yaroslavovich. The stone church was laid in 1073; in 1089 it was consecrated and finished.

The first attack against the church was in 1078. The Orthodox shrines were stolen or destroyed by Polovitsians. Monastery was restored in 1108. Then there was built the stone church and a stone meal. The holy place was looted several times: in 1151, 1169, 1205, 1300, 1399 and 1482. In 1718, the church has lost much of its treasures because of the fire. But the worst for the complex turned out in 1240, when Batu Khan captured Kiev and all the land of Southern Rus. The church was restored only in 230 years.

Laurel monastery received its the status in 1688, as from 1592 it was a stavropegic monasteriy of Ecumenical Patriarchate, and in 1786 Lavra was reassigned to Kiev Metropolitan.

I must say that in the caverns of laurel lay relics of the Saints and several laics, among them a famous statesman of Russia Empire Pyotr Stolypin.
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