Zdvizhensky Church -c.Kamenets-Podolsky

It is located in the city suburb (Karvasary) on the narrow coastal strip of Smotrich, under the walls of the old castle. The Belltower was founded in 1863 on the place of the church which existed in XVII century.
It is wooden. The base is combined from the limestone. It has three log constructions, it is one-domed with a porch and vestry from the northern side and the belltower, built-in from the western side. All three log constructions of the church and the fourth of the belltowers - are square in the plan. It has two entrances - in northern wall of the belltower and in the northern side of central log construction. The typical for Podolia construction with wide and high three-circled central log constructions, passing by means of sails in octal numeral, ended by tent top. The altar overlappings are flat. The internal space of the nave is opened, and connected by rectangular arch-cut. On northern facade of the central log - there is a porch on four figured columns under the canopy.
The monument is a bright work of Podolsk school of national wooden architecture.
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