Historical and Cultural Reserve "Samchyky" - v. Samchyky

Since the advent of estate of the local magnate Yan Hojetskih preserved only the castle built in 1725. However, the castle changed hands, and then from 1754 to 1843 years, belonged to Gaysinsky warden Peter Chechel. After the defeat of the Polish uprising, his property was confiscated and sold at auction. After that, manor changed its owners several times.

Single-story palace built in the Empire style by the project of Polish architect Jakub Kubitski. Interior of the house is unique to the country because of addiction of the former owner of the Japanese culture: you will see a statue of a geisha with an umbrella, stylized hieroglyphs, images and statues of dragons, birds and flowers. Landscape of the park (18 hectares) created by Miklerom Dionysus. He was the founder of the oldest botanical garden in Ukraine (town Kamenetz).
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