The Cave Atlantis - v.Zavalye

Among karstic caves of Ukraine Atlantis occupies the special place. It is located in the slope of the picturesque river valley Zbruch at the village Zavale of Kamenets-Podolsky area of Khmelnitsky region. The legend tells, that in the top part of the slope, over the cave, some time ago there was a small church. Once it "sinked" under the earth in the karstic bay after that the village was called Zavalye. It wasn't known about the cave at that time, but the people understood, that the similar phenomena were connected with emptiness under the earth. 

In 50th in the valley slope the pit on plaster extraction was founded. It hadn't been existed for a long time, as in 18 metre plaster thickness there was a lot of big and small emptiness. In the pit wall there were some cave apertures, which hadn't drawn anybody's attention for a long time. 

In 1968 young Kyiv cave explorers surveyed these apertures. Behind one of it there the small cave was found, ending by deadlocks washed away by clay. To dig out the whole which seemed to cave explorers perspective, some expeditions were required. And at last in summer of 1969 multimeter excavation led to the big hall which was the beginning of large cave system. Already the first fluent investigation showed its singularity. Accurate sculptural forms of holes and halls which are settling down three circles, a large quantity of fine plaster cristals of various forms and colouring - these and other features put this original palace abreast the most original plaster caves of Ukraine. 
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