Bakota – Stara Ushitzja

It is assumed that the cave monastery was founded in the XI century (according to some rock inscriptions it is founded by Abbot George in honor of St. Michael), but it is known from 1362 and is the oldest on Podillya.

There is a legend that the monks, who refused to renounce their faith, were bricked alive here by Mongol army. Lithuanian princes Koryatovichs helped to revive the monastery, but after the uprising of Bakota residents in 1431 the most important city in the lower reaches of the Dniester has lost its status – it was neglect. The rock monastery disappeared from the annals. However, the settlement existed here until 1981, and then it flooded during the construction of hydroelectric power station “Novodniestrovskaya” (Eng. “New Dniester’s HPS”). In addition, in 1996, part of the cave collapsed, destroying the Old Russian frescoes. Today, there is little to see - Michael Church nearly destroyed, and the ancient city rests on the bottom of the Dniester.
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