The House with Chimeras - Kharkiv

The house with chimeras (1912-1914) - is an architectural monument in Kharkiv in modernist style with the elements of English gothic style.

Sculptural building elements, besides chimeras, salamanders and lions, include heads of Pokrovsky and his assistant Velichko, who was the technician-architect. Sisters Pokrovsky behind brother's back included them in the project. The architects heads - of young Velichko on the right hand in the form of student-copyist and Pokrovsk in glasses in the form of the professor-reader at the left hand - look out from the second floor balcony until now.

The first official football match took place in Kharkiv on May, 8th, 1910 between the first and the second commands of the city in the future court yard of this building where there was the standard football ground lasting to the court yard of the Swedish consul Adolf Myunh (the Tea House) on Mironositsky street.
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