Botanical Garden of V.N. Karazin - Kharkiv

Botanical garden of Kharkiv national university of V.N. Karazin - is the nation-wide value object of Kharkiv natural-reserved fund.

It was based in 1804, and was declared as reserved object under the Decision of Ministerial council USSR of July, 22nd, 1983, by confirmed Decision of the Cabinet of Ukraine dated October, 12th, 1992.

The total area of botanical garden makes 41,9 hectares. "The old platform", located on Klochkovsky Street has the area of 5,1 hectares; the new, on the slope Sarzhin dene - about 70 hectares.

The botanical garden collection includes relicts, the rare species of local and world flora, exotics. The quantity of flora species makes over 2000 kinds.
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