Dormition of the Theotocos Cathedral - Kharkiv

Dormition of the Theotocos Cathedral – is a building of ancient Orthodox of Kharkiv temple, named in honor of Dormition of the Theotocos. Since XVII century it had been constructed for several times. The cathedral belltower of XIX century at the moment of construction was one of the highest in Russia (higher than the main Empire belltower - of Ivan the Great in Moskov), now it is the highest in Kharkiv eparchy, one of the highest in Ukraine, and till XXI century it had been one of the highest stone construction in the city. The cathedral is located in the city centre on the University hill, on the river bank Lopan. The quarter, occupied by the cathedral, is limited by Universitetskaya Street, Kvitka-Osnovyanenko Street and Sovetsky lane.
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