Nikolaevskaya Сhurch - c.Svyatogorsk

Nikolaevskaya church is a unique construction. As it is accepted its altar located in the eastern part, and is cut in a rock massif. Distinctive feature of the temple - is a composite unity with a cretaceous rock and surrounding natural landscape. In the end of XVI century on its place the Dormition of the Theotocos Church was settled down. After the landslip which had destroyed the top of the rock, there was a necessity to construct a new temple. The history of the temple construction has a century legend. According to it, the building was conducted as fiduciary, behind the cretaceous wall left for masking in front of the facade building.

After the construction termination, in one amazing morning, at a dawn, the wall had been brought down and, on the place of naked rock there appeared the most beautiful temple. For this in the people it received the name «Cretaceous church».

In XVII - the beginning of XVIII centuries Nikolaevskaya church was not only the temple, but also the shelter and fortress where the watchmen and religious men held the defence. Not casually initial window apertures of XVII century had the form of loopholes.
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