Monument to S.N.Bubka - Donetsk

The monument is located in Kiev district, on Artema Street, near stadium "Locomotive". It was erected in honour of Sergey Nazarovich Bubka - the sportsman, pole-vaulter, the 10-fold world record-holder, champion of Olympic games, and the honourable citizen of Donetsk. It was built in 1999. The authors are: architect B.S. Buchek, the sculptor - N.V.Yasinenko.

It is the symbol of Donetsk sports achievements. S.N.Bubka was the initiator of the international competitions in Donetsk - «pole Stars» when in 1990, 1991, 1993 world records were established. The monument is located in the central street of the city - Artema street near the stadium "Locomotive" - one of the most beautiful sports constructions of the city. S.N.Bubka - is nowadays a member of the international Olympic committee became a bright representative and a symbol of achievements of Donetsk sport.
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