Donetsk Regional Museum of Local Lore - Donetsk

Donetsk regional museum of local lore is one of the largest museums of local lore in Ukraine, was founded in 1924. The fund museum collection poses the real treasury where more than 120 thousand museum subjects are stored.

Unique monuments of paleontology concern the most significant collections: remains of fossil animals - mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, bisons, prints of fossil plants, samples of stone trees, herbariums of rare plants of area. The archaeological collection which totals about 8 thousand exhibits is unique. These are tools of work and the weapon, ornaments and amulets, details of ware of clothes and military regimentals, mysterious ritual subjects and children's toys. In museum collection there is a unique collection of numismatics - copper and silver coins of XV - XVIII centuries, samples of military attributes. The greatest value is represented by rare black letter books, among which thare are geographical and botanical atlases of XVII century.
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