A copy of Mertsalov's Palm Tree - Donetsk

Memorable sign «Mertsalov's Palm tree» is located at the building of regional museum of local lore. It poses the copy of the well-known «Mertsalov's Palm tree», which was honored the higher award "Grand prize" on the World's fair in Paris in 1900. It was made in 1998 by the smith Sergey Kaspruk, and erected in 1999. Being one of the edge symbols, it entered as the component into the arms of Donetsk area.

The palm tree, which received the name of the founder Alexey Mertsalov - the smith of Novorossiysk joint-stock company, was manually shaped in 1898 from an integral piece of the rail (315 kg). It was exhibited the same year at the pavilion of Novorossiysk society at the All-Russia exhibition in Nizhniy Novgorod. It is honored by the higher award of the exhibition. It was recreated in 1998 by the request of Welfare fund «Gold Scythian».

The original is in St.-Petersburg, in the museum of the College of mines. It embodies industrial prosperity of edge.
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