Stadium "Donbass Arena" — Donetsk

"Donbass Arena" is one of the largest projects in Ukraine embodied in life. The stadium was built for the European Football Championship in 2012. It meets all the requirements of UEFA and belongs to the category of "elite", i.e. five stars, and accommodates 50,187 spectators. Founded in 2006 the stadium was completed in three years; the cost was about $ 400 million.

The architectural form of the structure has developed British company “ArupSport”. Their engineers designed the stadiums "Manchester City" (UK), "Sydney" (Australia), "Allianz" (Germany) and "Valencia" (Barcelona). At night, from a distance Donetsk stadium resembles a landed UFO due to the oval shape of the building and the so-called "floating roof". In addition, the facade of the building is fully glazed.

Among the rooms of the stadium are few bars, restaurants, lounge-cafe, few dozen fast-foods, fitness center, fan-zone, and museum area of home team FC "Shakhtar" (Donetsk). In addition, there are guided tours: fans can visit the team locker room, walk on the playing tunnel, sit on the bench and on the coaching field, see the training room, conference room and media area. In addition, in front of the stadium it’s installed fountain in the form of a soccer ball. Two water jets spinning granite ball weighing 28 tons. It is considered the world's largest ball of granite. Next to the "Donbass Arena" on an area of 2.5 hectares spread a magnificent park with a garden of stones, fountains and ponds.
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