Karl Marx Avenue - Dnepropetrovsk

The Karl Marx Avenue - is the central street of Dnepropetrovsk, both in administrative, cultural and commercial sense.The length - 5 kilometres.

The historical name - Ekaterininsky Avenue (1834 - 1923).

The Karl Marx Avenue - is one of the oldest highways of the city. It started to be formed from the end of 1780th simultaneously with Ekaterinoslav foundation on Dnepro.

The idea of avenue building belongs to the author of the general plan of Ekaterinoslav (1792) to the architect Ivan Egorovich Starov.

The most part of the street is laid out with stone blocks. A lot of old buildings, including historical museum, a building of the Mountain university case, building of geological, economic faculties, and also faculty of applied mathematics of Dnepropetrovsk national university, the Executive Committee of the City are located along the avenue. The street begins with the monument of Glory and finishes with railway station Dnepropetrovsk-Primary.
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