Dnepropetrovsk’s Circus - Dnepropetrovsk

Circus in Dnepropetrovsk appeared in the late XIX century in a purpose-built building, but this the structure was demolished in 1929. Then there was the circus tent, which was destroyed during the Second World War. Permanent circus appeared again only in 1959, and the building for the circus shows was built in 1980.

Modern building is unique; it is really the only one of its kind, with no analogues in the world. This is the first building with a circus tent covering of concrete. Roof design and special lighting light in the night sky projection of animals involved in the circus. Furthermore, the shape of the dome creates excellent acoustics and allows convenient and reliable suspension for mount equipment for the artists. In addition, it is the only circus in the country with rehearsal and staging arena. There is also opened circus ballet studio. Capacity of the circus is 1914 spectators.
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