Memorial to the Heroes of Kruty - Pamyatne

Kruty Heroes Memorial was built in 2006 in the village Pamyatne (Eng. “Memorial”) at the railway station "Kruty". At this point, January 29, 1918, was a struggle of several hundred cadets and students from the Kiev University of St. Vladimir, School of St. Cyril and Methodius and Ukrainian People's University against the Bolshevik army of 4,000 people, which was led by Mikhail Muravyov. Ukrainian Central Council of the People's Republic has sent young men to help the Bakhmachsky garrison to guard the approaches to Kiev. The battle which lasted for about 8 hours ended with retreat of Ukrainian soldiers: they repelled several attacks and dismantled the railway.

Today is not known exactly how many Ukrainians were killed (the number reaches 300 people) in that battle. It is known for sure about one of the reconnaissance platoon of 30 people who were captured and executed by Bolsheviks. Today, only 18 names of executed survived. Their bodies were buried at Askold's Grave in Kiev.
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