National dendrology park "Sofievka" – c.Uman

National dendrology park "Sofievka" — is a park, scientific research institute of National academy of sciences of Ukraine, located in northern part of Uman city of Cherkassy region, Ukraine, on the river banks of Kamenka. Today it is the vacation spot. Annually it is visited by about 500 thousand of people. The area — is 179,2 hectares.
"Sofievka" is a monument of landscape type of world landscape gardening art of the end of XVIII — first half of XIXth century. 
Park "Sofievka" was founded in 1796 by the of Uman city owner, Polish magnate Stanislav Pototsky, and was named in honour of his wife Sofia Vitt-Pototskaya, which was gifted to her name-day in May, 1802.
Ludwig Mettsel, the Polish military engineer, was appointed as the author of topographical and architectural project and the head of park building and all works in the park were directly executed by Uman serfs.
The park was created in almost lack of forests district divided by small river Kamenka, beams and canyons, which ran into the granite often coming out from the surface. At park creation the relief was skilfully used, without the gear. In the course of finishing works on separate sites local and exotic tree-shrubby plants then the first architectural constructions were constructed and ornaments in the form of a sculpture, mainly antique were created.
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